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The New Classics: Contemporary Glass
Curated By Rachel Rader & Ben Wright of Urban Glass October 2 - December 23, 2016
Preview Party October 2 from 6-8 PM
Reception and special event IAM Up Late for Bowie-ween October 29 from 8-11 PM

To define the 4th dimension of the glass world one must find the variables vibrating from the farthest cultural norms and well-traveled orbits of the masses; They must be so far off the atomic grid that they redefine it. The artist’s in this exhibition engage space, time, and pseudo-science with the sardonic wit of a home chemistry enthusiast.

There is no question that glass attracts a community of eclectic practitioners
that move to the beat of an idiosyncratic drummer. In this, it defies rigid logic and acts of its own volition: freezing movement, transferring light, and transitioning between a liquid and solid states. Even in this odd company, these artists
are transgressive, the weirdest of the weird, non-conformist, ill-fitting prosthetics of the glass world. They are busy producing the new classics of tomorrow.

Megan Biddle - Christopher Duffy - John Drury - Beccy Feather Elias Hansen - Eve Andree Laramee - Nate Ricciuto - Esther Ruiz


From The YARD; An Independent Residency
New Works by Nicole Marandola
Curated By Beth Giacummo
October 2 - December 23, 2016

Preview Party October 2 from 6-8 PM
Reception and special event IAM Up Late for Bowie-ween October 29 from 8-11PM

The Islip Art Museum is pleased to announce an exhibition of new works by Nicole Marandola. This body of work was created during an independent residency called the YARD. Through special funding and in collaboration with the artist the Islip Art Museum is proud to support the creation of these new works. From The YARD; An Independant Residency will be on view from October 2 through December 28, 2016.

The yard is a place of discovery, storage, and manual labor. It is a home, a lifestyle, and the source fora life times body of work.

The objects that wind up here have been chosen first by my father. They may have been selected because of the zip code they came from or because a quick look over the dumpster wall revealed something promising on top. If the box is deemed worthy, it is then dropped and sorted. My
position as a “picker” within my father’s recycling company is to identify and separate the materials with the most economic value. Copper, brass, steel, aluminum, wire, concrete, household items and if we’re lucky, gold. We gather these belongings and sell them, taking what has been left behind and making it part of ourselves. This business is not only the way we earn a living but a practice in which we come together to construct objects that illustrate a reality in which we live. This reality includes our own involvement in a materialistic culture and a recognition of our need for excess to survive as a company.

The works in this exhibition include objects that have passed through the yard within the last six months or so. Yet, some were projects I started, tossed aside and later salvaged. Some materials stood the test of time and some faded, changed color, or became structurally weak. This body of work represents a movement from one condition to another and reflects the way in which I see, react, and choose objects that satisfy my passion for innovation and connection to the people who once owned them and to the viewers who will continue to engage in my contribution with them.' - Nicole Marandola


NYCAS 2016; Chile to NY
September 19 - October 3, 2016

NYCAS seeks to encourage and improve the cultural exchange between artists and collaborating communities. This year we are collaborating with the International Meeting of Art (IMA), an international non-profit organization dedicated to arts and cultural exchange and encouraging, supporting, and facilitating the possibility for artists of all mediums and different cultures to work together. The mission is to establish a working cooperation that will encourage and improve the cultural exchange between artists of varying backgrounds, thus creating a broader understanding of contemporary arts. Symposiums are held multiple times per year throughout the world. NYCAS will take place on Long Island from September 19 – October 3, 2016.

NYCAS brings art professionals from around the world together to foster new international networks, develop cross-cultural understanding, and cultivate cooperation. This symposium will provide 5+ international artists with housing, studio space, all meals, trips to cultural centers, and selected artist supplies at no cost to them. Lifting these financial burdens for the artists provides them the opportunity to explore their creativity with others.

For 2016 NYCAS will continue to encourage artistic exchange by exhibiting the works of local artists paired with works created by the visiting artists in a museum exhibition entitled Wanderlust: Chile to NY. As collaborators the Islip Art Museum (IAM) and Patchogue Arts Council will arrange events enabling all members of the community to gain from the Symposium. These events benefit the community by providing exposure to the cultures and creative practices of participating artists (please see attached). The 2013 Symposium introduced the community to a variety of art forms including a moving performance art piece surrounding the 9/11 memorial at Brookwood Hall, the home of IAM. In 2015 the community had a unique opportunity to explore historical photographic techniques with one of our NYCAS artists, Dr. Andrei Budescu. The community at large shared in artist talks and exhibits featuring NYCAS artists paired with the work of local artists in a variety of mediums including blown glass, painting, photography, installation, and performance.

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An Islip Art Museum & Artist Action Group
October 29 from 8 -11:00 PM

BOWIE-WEEN is a multi-genre event featuring visual artists and performers of all breeds.
Art - Music - Performance - Food - Bowie

Shocking, shameless, and elegantly androgynous: when David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust persona emerged in 1972 on Britain’s influential music television show “Top of the Pops”, all conventions of male fashion were broken. Ziggy, a space rebel from a distant planet, offered listeners everywhere an alternative vision of reality, an escape from the everyday, and a voice for the voiceless.

At the risk of failure and criticism, he pushed the boundaries of what was and wasn’t acceptable with art that blurred genres and genders, and had the capacity to wow, outrage, and open up new worlds. On October 29 from 8 - 11 PM we will celebrate into the night with a special IAM Up Late with Bowie-ween event featuring visual artists and performers of all breeds.
What is the artist’s role in 2016, a year that calls for a much-needed culture shift?

Open Call to Artists who want submit work for possible consideration please read more here.